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Biovoima is a customer-oriented cleantech company with expertise in waste treatment and renewable energy.

Our areas of expertise include business plans and profitability calculations related to biogas and biodiesel plants and other environmental technologies. In addition, we provide services and offer proper guidance for renewable energy project development, permit acquisition and project financing solutions.

We only offer technology solutions that are most suitable for a project in question ensuring that our customers will have a profitable business.

At Biovoima, we help our customers to develop renewable energy projects, starting from surveying and project planning to an actual implementation


We offer environmental technology solutions that fulfill your project needs from operational and economical point of view, promoting sustainable development at the same time.

Biogas plants

Biogas plant is used for the treatment of i.a. municipal and industrial biowaste, agricultural biomass and sewage sludge and their conversion into renewable energy.

Biodiesel plants

Biodiesel is environmentally-friendly and renewable fuel that can be produced from waste greases and oils from municipalities, restaurants and industry.

Waste-to-energy solutions

Highly efficient, powerful and emission-reduced incineration and gasification plants for turning municipal waste into electricity and heat energy.

Biogas upgrading units

Biogas upgrading unit refines raw biogas to biomethane, that can be injected into the natural gas grid or used as transport fuel.

Biomethane filling stations

Upgraded biogas (biomethane) is used as transport fuel and distributed at biomethane filling stations.

Pre-treatment equipment

Equipment for producing optimal feedstock streams for biogas plants by separating different waste types and crushing the feedstock to optimal-sized fractions.

CHP units

Combined heat and power generation from raw biogas or natural gas.

Digestate post-treatment

Biogas plant digestate is typically separated to dry and liquid fractions, which improves its fertilizer features and possible further refining

Gas logistics solutions

Safe transport modules for CNG and biomethane. Solution for biomethane injection into the natural gas grid.

Contact information

Jani Kangasaho

Sales Director

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Joona Luomala

Technical Sales

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Tero Kemppi

M.Sc.Tech., Technical Account Manager

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Svetlana Smagina

Sales and Marketing Coordinator

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Biovoima's brand image is renewed

Biovoima’s brand image and logo are renewed. We hope that our new look, unified colors and the new logo will strengthen our recognition and reflect the company's focus and vision better.

In addition, our website is in the final stages of development, and we will soon be able to publish new pages.

So welcome to visit our new website soon!